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9 - Your Best Work Hours

Your time to grind.

What are your best work hours?

  • You probably already have some idea of the time of day during which you get the most stuff done. For me, it’s unquestionably the morning. But it’s not just about knowing when this period is; try taking advantage of it. Can you do your most important work during this time every day?

Why should I find my best work hours?

  • Working during your best work hours means you will be working more efficiently. Some days it might feel like there isn’t enough time to get everything done, but time isn’t the only thing at stake. Using you energy, focus, and attention (shout-out Chris Bailey) more effectively might mean that you can do your work better, in less time, or both! And who doesn’t want an extra hour of free time every day?

How do I find my best work hours?

  • If you already have an idea of when your best working time is, see if you can rearrange your schedule a bit so that you can focus on your most high-value tasks then. This might mean placing a hold on your calendar, waking up a little earlier, or swapping out the time you would usually exercise, netflix, or whatever else is currently using your peak hours. If this isn’t possible for you because of work or school schedules, just do the best you can with your options. So if you’re a morning person but have class all morning, look for your second best and more realistic time to work and try then.

  • If you don’t know what time you work best, just try a few different times and see how you feel and what you get done. Once you start paying attention to your energy levels and productivity. It should be pretty straightforward what time is best for you.

9 – See if you can make it a habit to work during your peak productivity hours and when you’re ready for more - move on to step 10.